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Royal Houses

Free English translation 1 November 2021.

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Lords of the Royal Houses of the World, Dear Mr. Ambassador and and Dear Mrs. Ambassadors of the World, Dear Presidents and so-called Rulers of the World,

It is also high time for you and your ilk not to suppress reality but to move with the times by realising in the 21st century that the crown and other titles are meant exclusively for the end times of the nuclear age and that you, as the holders of a title, also had to take care of the habitability of some castles.

These titles you and others have represented well, but today at the latest is the day when you will all please have to classify yourselves accordingly.

This means for you and for the entire population that there are indeed also true ranking high-borns who must lay claim to the corresponding true titles.

It is an absolute MUST and not a pipe dream or some such nonsense, which you of all people will also embody from now on, if you are not willing to obey.

Please vacate your domiciles quickly and create order in your own life, however, by providing you with (please (a villa)*** ) a simple residence***, because you must not be ridiculed or scorned as a placeholder of the corresponding titles.  

You are then welcome to still serve at the King's side should he so desire.

Even if we in the number of three high-born persons should be thrown especially with the dirt of others publicly, which should actually be reduced to my person, it does not change the fact of having to render unconditional and unquestioning obedience. 

My person, however, falls out of line and will continue to work incognito, but no longer as a penniless silly! **

My demands are kept modest, however, the counter-performance of each individual must be correspondingly high.

So I remain with kind Regards                                                  

         Ursula Sabisch


                        04 March 2017 

 ***Change of circumstances / Feb. 2018 / The very old lords and ladies of the British Crown retain a limited** right of residence in the present building for life, however, living in the required space will have to be arranged accordingly in terms of area, as the castle will have to be converted for the purposes predetermined for it!

HP: Should you as the so called highnesses and other so called presidents refuse to vacate the space, then you too and each of these so called rulers will get to know a light hearing rented flat with a floor board floor!




The castles of the whole world will now please have to be set up immediately for certain groups of people, as ordered in the various letters of my person, and should additionally be set up for tourism, as my person will also have to visit various castles incognito with a predetermined tour group!

A great many guest rooms will be needed in the castles, which should please be set up immediately for the current carriers of the Monumental-Area (e. g. people in psychoses or drug addicts) including the specific caregivers!

Should my person have to wait any longer, then the psychiatric wards and detoxification centres thus freed up will have to be used sooner or later by you and your kind, including the specific staff involved!

For what must, that must!! !


**++ 08 September 2019/ Regrettably, my person still has to walk around today as a financially destitute silly. Thus, the situation for everyone is bound to change accordingly!

At least release the crown to the predetermined persons across Europe without delay!

You too, as the current crown bearers, are only guests on earth who have already incurred particularly high costs!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

For current reasons in the matter President Putin will remain in his usual environment, that is in the Moscow Kremlin and therefore also in the castle in Moscow, because of security reasons of his person in this regard is a necessity.

This does not mean that my person as the head of the house is blackmailable by the current situation but this means, that my person politely asks President V. Putin to take care of the aforementioned matter, which is made available by valid, precious documents of my person on the Internet for everyone by means of information material.

Please stop the wars on all sides in these heavy end times, because why should also young and healthy men and family fathers continue to die, if the borders of a state are not relevant any more, because they will be already fixed from the highest level!

Also president E. Marcron will please remain in the beautiful castle in France, which does not mean that he is the master of the house in the castle, but he will be quite obviously thought as a born prince for the end time by having to be at the service of King Juergen, however, the Cathedral Notre-Dame should still be spoken about! 

Otherwise, please, the castles of the world have to be arranged for the special groups of people and coming "tourists" but also for the cultural trips of my person, whereby prisons and similar institutions would also have to be visited by my person!

The "gold card" of my person expires in March 2024, better don't forget that and please work independently under the leadership of King Juergen!

Thus I remain with friendly Greetings,

Ursula Sabisch


HP: The offer of the amicably announced trip of my person to Moscow remains without my claimed pocket money!

Luebeck, April 11, 2022.

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Ursula Sabisch


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