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Every Biography of the Royal Danish Ambassadors should be checked by King Juergen.

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

                             Royal Danish Embassies                             


Friday, 14 May 2004

Free English translation on 31 October 2021.


Dream Wedding

CC/ 2017/ The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Sirs!

Yesterday the longest asparagus table in the world was organised and celebrated by the broadcaster NDR 1 Welle Nord, which the organisers are to be congratulated on, as there is a recognisable achievement on the part of the broadcaster. (Not correctly interpreted by me)*.

Today Denmark is celebrating a so-called royal wedding worth the equivalent of eighteen million euros, which is about DM 36,000,000.

Certainly there are people in Denmark who have no place to live, who are dependent on the social net and people who cannot find work.

There are also young people in Denmark who are addicted to drugs and children who come from a broken home and have to grow up in a home.

There are also alcoholics in Denmark and old people who have to turn over every penny so that they can survive.

At a time when rich and poor are so far apart, when right and wrong are so close together and are therefore very easily confused, one simply does not take such a sum out of the budget and does not feign a perfect dream world of this magnitude.

Actually, my person wanted to remain sportive and understanding, because why shouldn't you as Danes, especially the two young people, have a very nice day?

But just as my person was thinking this and looking out of the window, an African man crossed the street to his car, and shortly before, the cost of the wedding was mentioned over the radio.

So my person was quickly reminded again of her task, in that the available funds must be distributed and invested fairly and sensibly, which will be the direct task of the King in the foreseeable future.

But this is certainly not the so-called Danish Crown Prince Frederick, but a King.

So you, as Danes, will please take note that 250,000 euro, which is the equivalent of half a million DM, for such a public wedding in this situation is a very big offer from my person.

The remaining 17,750,000 euros, you pay in however and from wherever to Africa, Somalia.

My person will show you who is the master and who is the mistress here in this house!

Beaten black and blue, my person wishes to see your and other responsible people's butts over the TV!

You "little devils" will then no longer dare to play so easily with such values, because now you will have to learn that you can then also be played with.

Now, for example, there is the longest bread on earth, the biggest cake in the world and even the longest asparagus table as well as the biggest dream wedding, but there is also already the longest chain of sausages in the Guinness Book of Records!

P. p. Empress

You are only playing "adultly". But now that's the end of it!

September 2016

HP: My person may assume that in our nuclear age, any royal wedding has cost the nations of the world enough money and now a corresponding return must be demanded!

Please clear the places of the castles worldwide by an expropriation for the predetermined personalities, preferably for our King Juergen and our Emperor.

Furthermore, as already ordered, please will you take affected people of the drug world and people from the psychiatric wards into the spatially remodelled castles and monasteries of our earth and host and accommodate them accordingly for the required period of time.

In addition, empty beds will be needed for separate persons who have been subject to predestination, who will be intended for new beginnings in contemporary history.



Address: DK Box, Street, City

08 September 2019

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Ursula Sabisch


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