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Elderly Care

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Luebeck Health Office/ Employment Office




                        To Curanum Betriebs GmbH                                   

Geertz Senior Citizens' Residence

Riesebush 2

23611 Bad Schwartau


To the Roman Catholic Church


Care for the Elderly CC

Luebeck, Saturday, 14 August 2004

Free English translation on 14 Septemberr 2021.

Please, let the German-language letter be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the right places.

Dear Sirs!

It is time for you too to come to terms with reality, especially when my person sees how you and your kind work.

You and your closest colleagues did not and do not intend to create and achieve anything, but to make money where there are still market gaps to be found.

     The nursing service is such a safe and future-oriented market niche.?? !!

My person is very often annoyed by people in your category who know how to make money without having done much for it by setting up a company and acquiring a fleet of vehicles that the taxpayer ultimately finances, and this until the vehicles can be written off completely by the accounting department.

This work ethic and this philosophy of life, which stands behind your company, for example, is extremely questionable towards others who have to do a far more unpleasant job, with far less responsibility, for which you and your kind are not necessarily suited in my opinion and exceed your competence*.

From your young girls one can see that the calculating machine is working in your heads, but that there is not the will or the resolution to create and achieve something in life that makes sense.

It is not very meaningful when a young girl or a young person is sent to old people in need of care in order to wash these people or wipe their bottoms, to make it clear for you once.

An old person who is already also in need of help and dependent on outside help has already almost completed his or her life and will know that he or she usually has to make room for coming generations, which will not quite be the case in this difficult transitional period that will come upon humanity. 

Often people who are dependent on the care service are left to their own devices and have little contact with other people.

At this stage, the old person becomes very easily isolated and also very easily irritable. He has the possibility of maintaining contact with the outside world via television or radio, but this tends to make his eyes and hearing worse, not better. The spiral then closes so that an old person will very often prefer only an animal as his or her interlocutor to a human being.

Especially when young girls, who could already be the grandchildren or even the great-grandchildren of the person concerned, are supposed to appear to the old person with a brash tone and with a trained* self-confidence in order to play grown-up, then the old person must nevertheless begin to doubt his sanity, his sense of life and his identity until he or she actually drifts into the rather childish mind or is entered in the absentee list by no longer being completely with himself or herself.

You, however, as the competent ones, then come with the files under your arm and appear as personalities who will be in contact with the health department and the public health officers and think that you have to and can judge that this or that old person has to go to a nursing home.

On the one hand, the old person could endanger himself or herself, perhaps by means of fire through a possible flat fire, on the other hand, others would then also be affected.

This is exactly the impression you and your kind give me. You would like to make decisions that go beyond your own abilities in order to be recognised as a personality, which is more illusion than reality with you.

Not only you personally are addressed by this, but your type of person is always found at such social service professions, there where one can put oneself above the other so that the one who needs this recognition is better off, and these are people of your ilk.

You and others are not really interested in what will become of a person, otherwise you would also have a lot to do.

You earn your living especially also through the plight of others and in this respect you are supported by the state by being able to set up your own business.

You are not the only ones who want to dedicate themselves to this task, however, my person gets cold every time people want to place themselves above others who perhaps could not even hold a candle to an affected person.

The age of a person alone is decisive for a person who is confident to take on a service, whereby this person must not confuse the term "service".

Young girls are welcome to be active in social service, but there are areas of responsibility that a younger person quite simply does not have to take on!

Especially the physical hygiene of the old person is and remains, if possible, left to the person himself or herself or to seasoned persons who also have the skills for it. There are other reasons why a young person is not allowed to look at the body of an elderly person and take action on it.

Shopping or tidying up the flat, cooking and cleaning, these are tasks that young girls can happily take on during this transitional period, but not much more!

There exists a natural age hierarchy that must not be strained any longer, otherwise the old person's mind will be damaged quite considerably by such questionable* classifications of the person, especially when the younger person can "command" the old person!! !!

For this reason, too, my person advises the responsible "fruitlets" to no longer keep the title of my person small or to ignore it; such louts certainly have their origin from the same type of person, which is hereby quite strictly relegated to its limits!

Many of these carers keep themselves to a job where they can make decisions and give orders or commands, because the whole social order is no longer right and a young person is already carrying the burdens that past generations have caused.

It is an understandable reaction towards the older generation, but it only leads to where it destroys more than it benefits, namely to diseases like Alzheimer's disease or a similar decay of the mind.

So one thing leads to another and it is partly counteracted by gymnastic exercises as well as by other measures.

These gymnastic exercises are often loosening exercises that have spilled over into the care sector and are also often accompanied by human touch.

If an old person is otherwise not touched, whereby a handshake would already suffice, then the life-affirming feeling for the person is endangered and gets lost.

As a result, gymnastics, dressing, personal hygiene or other acts of care have become an important physical contact for a person, which is actually very sad, because the person is then already too isolated.

These normal communication needs are known to the nursing staff.

They also know about all these reactions and symptoms and falsely take advantage of this by including specific gymnastic loosening attempts, which look rather unaesthetic and unnatural, in the programme, especially when a person is already under pharmaceuticals or even under psychotropic drugs to do these exercises.

                     The thigh exercises are an absolute must, aren't they?

These and many other life-stimulating measures are taken, which leads to the fact that the old person loses his ego-related protection through such artificial psychological measures and could also give himself or herself up by letting others get close to him or her.

These others have their advantages in that they are welcome people who use methods that are close to life and are therefore absolutely needed.?

My person worked for a short time in an old people's and nursing home and is also very well informed about people of your ilk ,of course also via the* TV!

This has been going on for a long time now, but it can't go on like this!

People who want to be seen as great really have no business in such professions!

*People who are great will be known that they have to degrade themselves in the face of the fate of an old person, and anyone who cannot do that is not suitable for such a profession!

There are no male conscientious objectors who fit into this task, who have to bridge a certain period of time through social arrangements.

Stupidly, people who like to represent something through performance have gone the way of the social professions, whereby it will certainly be almost eighty percent of those involved, which, however, does not fit at all with the profession of a nurse, for example.

You and others have cashed in enough money and caused nonsense, because what you have created are people who have made ends meet for a few years on their own and will ultimately end up in a nursing home or old people's home after all, or have already ended up there, and have died or will die in this way partly full of medication without a clear mind.

That is not very much that you then have to show and can show and by which you could fill your pockets.

This is not how you and others get through life, certainly not if my person is going to keep law and order here.

One thing every carer or nurse should know; an elderly person does not need to shower or wash his or her whole body every day. An elderly person does not sweat or perspire as much and so you should not always come with the argument that the elderly person is dirty and needs to be washed.

You and your kind are dirty when you disregard the dignity of an awkward person and force the person, for example, to have to put on the firm support pantyhose every day anew and much more!! !!*

There are cheap and fresh wet wipes with a nice, subtle scent to buy, or even completely neutral wet wipes that could be used for the daily hygiene needed, whereby the old person should take care of him/ herself if possible, so as not to have to let anyone touch him/her.

This way, the old person's frequent request can be respected, as the old person will rightly resist your kind of cleanliness.

Also, please will you not put or lead a person to the toilet according to a time of day.

A young body can get used to certain times or a rhythm for urination better than an older body can, because due to the lower food intake in old age, fluid intake takes on a different meaning, as everything in the body becomes more sensitive and susceptible.

Due to the working procedures by means of the staff's duty roster, certain conditions are very difficult to enable and implement, but this will now have to be managed for a future, because you will now have to change your duty roster for the sake of the old person's health.

The kidneys and the bladder are particularly sensitive in old age, so that urination must be made possible according to need and not according to the time of day, which is especially true for old people's and nursing homes, where up to now people have acted against all reason by prescribing their fixed work routines according to the time of day, so that it no longer seemed possible to implement the human need in any other way, even though the people are already stuffed with medication and could possibly be given another medication that suppresses and restrains urination.

Woe betide you if you already give people medicines that make it easier for you, as the service staff, to organise the work by perhaps holding back the urination, but the body and the mind of the old person then have to pay the bill for it; woe betide you if it already behaves like this in isolated cases!

Every person who has been living for years in an old people's and nursing home under medication has already partly paid his bill and has hopefully become wise from harm, especially through the many young people who are allowed to give the instructions today!

The second rule concerns the multitude of medicines, which sooner or later must be reduced very much, so that no living chemical factories become of the individuals, who in the end have to forfeit their sanity; because that is what will matter.

The mind has the highest priority even before an artificially prolonged life, which justifies the danger of having to lose one's mind in the course of the next few years.

The responsibility for the whereabouts of one's parents or for the remaining parent is in principle to be borne by the first-born son and automatically by his wife.

This is followed by the next son in succession and only then by the eldest daughter in succession. After that, this succession passes to the grandchildren.

Now the reality is that the sons in particular have absconded to another city or country; usually through the justifiable pretext of an enabled job.

Or the sons live in a far-flung part of town and have contributed to the difficult relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so that, if possible, the sister has to bite the bullet and mainly take care of the remaining parent.

But most of the time, women have already been bearing their own families for a long time and dragging their husbands along, which means that there will also be a mother-in-law who, when she is older and in need of help, will also have become difficult.

In other words, people have long been broken and can't take on any more burdens, otherwise many would have to give up their holidays, which is no longer acceptable or fitting for today's society and its philosophy of life.

What woman would voluntarily care for her mother-in-law and sacrifice her time when she has already had to more or less drag her husband through for years, and what woman would manage to do that for free? 

No woman can do that any more if she doesn't want to give herself up completely, and so concrete solutions must now be found to end the vicious circle in which an old person in need of care finds himself/ herself.

That must be solutions that at the same time promise security with prospects for the future for all together.

The basis for these arrangements will be the universal remedies,* (Are provisionally deleted because the order of commands is not observed)**) which can be handed exclusively by a true physician and indirectly decided by the Monumental-Realm in which direction one person is sent and in which direction the other must go, so that the entire cycle of life becomes functional, whereby the basis will always be the mind, which must still have been preserved fully functional at the end of life.

So there are also letters ready for older people to read so that everyone knows what it is all about and, if health is restored/ preserved, the old person is given the opportunity to deliver letters to important places himself or herself or to still do voluntary work in the professional world.

Every elderly person will have to change his or her home or residence once again for this purpose.

Should the elderly person already live in a home or make use of a foster home and should the universal medication already have a positive effect (Time has become almost impossible or ?), then a small cottage with an allotment garden will please be built for these people without delay, in a complex that also includes the next of kin, so that they can move into the immediate neighbourhood, whereby an allotment garden will always be part of it.

In this way, the elderly person is made responsible for his or her descendants as a placeholder and also as a guardian of order, in order to spare the children the same fate that would otherwise befall everyone.

Conversely, the children and grandchildren are also accessible to the grandparents, whereby no one is saddled with burdens that can no longer be borne.

The grandchildren or the children of the children are also to be included in the respective planning of the garden area. In this way, everyone retains his/ her personal space, but no one is excluded from the family, especially if the grandchildren and great-grandchildren could also visit the grandparents independently.

There are also family relationships where there is a danger of being exploited and even used by the parent, especially through the normal family connections and the self-evident obligations towards the parents.

Also, this above-mentioned regulation puts a stop to the other side of the coin and everyone can withdraw into his/ her own boundaries.

In other words, the basic principle is that the old person will regain his health in order to be able to protect his/ her sanity and will be taken into the beginning of the restructuring from which the allocation of the residential homes starts.

This arrangement creates an informal atmosphere, as much bitterness and disappointment will characterise an old person from the nursing and old people's home.

This arrangement is the only solution that can catch the whole cycle of life and it is a solution that can be implemented.

People who will no longer be able to get out of the nursing and old people's homes, which no human being will decide, should at least be accompanied into death by their responsible relatives.

This means that the empty beds that will then very often be found in the nursing and old people's homes are intended for those who had cowardly absconded and even moved abroad without thinking of a later return for the sake of their old parents.

And now you, as an out-patient care service, in cooperation with the health insurance companies and the health authorities, are approaching your real task.

You will please the relatives and responsible persons by drawing up a document that is unequivocal and excludes voluntariness or a request. 

It is an order that is justified and will otherwise be followed up with force.

Either the Monumental Cudgel of my person takes over this supervision, which would be a relief for everyone, or the respective military takes over this transfer of the respective relatives as a compulsory admission to the old people's and nursing home, whereby everyone may also include his/ her spouse.

This measure could lead to the universal remedies taking effect after all and also to the respective connection and allocation between life and death being safely regulated, which is of the utmost importance.

If there is a complete break in the family, the next responsible relatives will have to take over this compulsory part.

Many elderly people will know that paradise will not be as beautiful as one had hoped, because if the end of life has become a "perishing" for many, then a contrary life will not be made possible somewhere, but will rather continue.

Thus the construction of the circle of life is also connected with the restructuring and this in turn has its connection with the next construction and the next order after life.

The last generations are destined for this restructuring, that is, our age, especially people of your ilk, who can then also turn around and walk straight, because you would then finally have something to show for once that has a purpose.

You as male office workers will not hide comfortably behind the desk and sit in a made nest, but you will have to learn to carry burdens yourselves and not to distribute the burdens to the women and girls in order to then also divide up the money for them.

For this reason, you and your kind will go into construction here in Luebeck and help demolish some buildings, so that you and others will learn to appreciate a job well done you stupid boys and spoiled brats, you!

                                 P. p. Empress

11 June 2010 *** Due to time constraints, there is another solution as a stopgap measure concerning the circle of life, because when the end is played with, the end plays with you !! !!

February 05, 2018 *** This is what you get when you want to run others down in order to be able or to want to look better by concealing important events or findings as contemporary witnesses!

So everyone pays the price that is demanded, especially after his life!! !

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8 September 2019*

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